10 Ways to Improve Your Hydration Habits for Kids

Water is essential to good nutrition that keeps you energized and healthy at all times. Below are ten ways that will improve your hydration.

1. Drink water-rich foods. Foods such as soup, vegetables, milk and fruits contain 80 to 90 percent water. For sweet-tasting water, it’s best to try plain water flavored with juice, fruit rich smoothies and water logged fruits such as watermelon.

2. Watch out for water robbers. Avoid drinks that have a diuretic effect, causing the body to eliminate more water. Caffeine containing coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages and sugared drinks decreases the absorption of water, thus the body loses water through transpiration.

3. Find fluid companions. Create a habit of carrying water can during your activities. This will increase the likely hood of you drinking more water. Place a glass or bottle of water on the nightstand and drink the water immediately when you wake up.

4. Provide plain water. While flying, your body dehydrates; nose and mouth become dry and breathing harder. This is because of the dry cabin air that has around seven percent humidity that is trying to moisturize through your body fluids. It is advisable to drink lots of water half an hour before boarding the plane. Carry along some bottled water and squirt bottle of salt water in your travel bag to spritz drops in the nose every hour. Order double fluid drinks periodically on the plane. A cup of hot water helps in treating the dried out nose with a bit of steam bath. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages that tend to dehydrate you more.

5. Watch out for water diets. Crash diets are usually unhealthy and nutritionally unbalanced. The “high something” foods such as high protein are dangerous and causes the body to lose a lot of water.

6. Try waterless meals. Snub consumption of water during meals except alcoholic beverages such as wine. The food in the stomach and intestines slow the absorption of alcohol, reducing the risk of intoxication and minimize blood sugar swings. Water during meals contributes to indigestion, but if you like water with meals its better drinking little room-temperature water.

7. Try water a bit before breakfast. Drink several glasses of water when you wake up. This helps in rehydration, and the body starts with a better biochemically balanced.

8. Love that lemonade. In case of chlorine taste in your tap water, add a slice of lemon to your glass of water to make it toothsome.

9. Forget fizzy water. Add seltzer to plain water to make it fizzy. Carbonated water adds gas that makes you full thus drinking less water.

10. Try water for weight loss. Drinking water that has a lower temperature than the body makes it release energy (calories) to raise the water to its own temperature. The lower temperature water you drink, the more calories lost thus weight loss. Water helps the kidney work optimally by flushing out toxins, therefore, the body is in balance.

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