Bathing your baby

Bathing a baby at night is often a daily bedtime routine. It is thought to be beneficial in soothing the baby and helping him sleep. However, from the cleanliness point of view, babies who haven’t started crawling don’t get as dirty as older kids. They therefore don’t have to be bathed daily. Aside from gentle cleaning of the face, skin folds and genital (after every diaper change), it is enough to only bathe them on a few occasions in a week. Bathing her too often can dry out her young skin. On those occasions when you bathe the baby, there are safety considerations that must be taken into account.

Bathing your baby

To ensure the safety of the child during bath time, where you bathe your baby from is important. The best option to use is a small baby tub. In its absence, a sponge bath or a kitchen sink is much safer than a standard bathtub. This is because a standard bathtub forces you lean over the baby or kneel. These positions lessen your control over the baby’s movement and increase risk of the baby getting hurt in the process. A baby should be bathed the same way adults bathe. Below is a guide on how to bathe your baby.

How to do it

The first step you should take before giving your child a bath is to gather all the things you will need. You need to lay out a set of clean clothes and a fresh diaper. A towel should be close by so the baby doesn’t stay wet and cold while you look for a towel. Never leave the baby unattended in the water even for a short time. You should also keep the room in which you will bathe the baby warm. Next, you need to get the water ready. Fill the baby’s tub or sink with 2 or 3 inches of warm water (about 30oC). It should feel warm to the inside of your wrist.

When everything is ready, bring the baby, undress her then slip her, feet first, into the tub. Make sure you support the head and neck, using your hand, as you lower her into the water. Start by pouring cupfuls of the water over her and wash her with a soft cloth or your hand. Use a mild soap sparingly as too much soap can dry out the baby’s skin. You should wash the baby beginning from the head down to the feet, and front to back; pouring cupfuls of bath water regularly on her so that she doesn’t feel chilly.

Rinse the baby by pouring cupfuls of clean water on her then cover her with a dry towel. A hooded towel is better for this. Pat her dry, apply a mild baby lotion then put on her a fresh diaper and clean clothes.

Special care

When bathing a baby, you need to keep soap from getting into the baby’s eyes. Rinse the washcloth thoroughly then use it to wipe the baby’s face and eyes. Wipe off any dried mucus by first dabbing it with a wet cloth to soften it. As for the genitals, routine washing is all that’s needed.


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