Toddler Program

Toddler Program Philosophy

We have based our toddler program on the philosophy that children learn best through hands-on experience.Our toddler program helps children explore their world in a safe and nurturing environment.Teachers are committed to plan fun activities that excite and help toddlers develop in ways that give them the confidence to grow and develop both cognitively and socially. Everything is designed for learning in addition to caring.

Toddler Program Highlights
  • An even balance of nurturing, playtime, and learning each day.
  • Weekly themed units that provide a variety of age-appropriate activities and materials that develop confidence, self-esteem, and a love of learning while toddlers begin to learn about the world. Our Toddler Program provides opportunities to identify basic colors and shapes, to practice sorting and matching and bring concepts of cause-and-effect to life through storytelling, music, and art.
  • Daily group activities that help toddlers in growing socially and emotionally.
  • Our program encourages their interactions with each other in group activities; teachers guide and model the sharing and listening skills; the way how to express emotions appropriately; and how to learn classroom routines. Our program encourages pretending and role-playing through play with props; supports individual expression through participation in group activities; and promotes self-expression through art and music.
  • Regular teacher-family communication, including daily updates to keep parents informed.
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