Preparing for toilet training – Is baby ready for toilet training?

Children are often expected to be ready for potty training at a certain age. However, it makes the training easier if you are sure that the child is ready for it and that you’re well prepared for it. Rather than following a calendar, be on the lookout for the following signs that the child is ready for potty training. The key is to find a time when he’s more receptive to any intervention.

  • The child verbally lets you know when he has sensations like hunger and understands simple verbal requests.
  • He follows you to the bathroom and imitates toileting
  • The child can pull off his own clothes and investigates his body
  • He climbs on the toilet or potty chair
  • He can stay dry for at least 3 hours
  • He stops playing, retreats to a silent place and squats when he’s about to go
  • When he is going, he grabs and peers into his diaper and crosses his legs while grunting or grimacing.
  • When his diaper is soiled, his peers and pulls at it and tells you that he’s dirty


Getting ready to train

Once you are sure that the toddler is ready to be trained you need to get ready for the training. Ensure you have the necessary tools which include training pants, a potty-chair, a lot of patience and a sense of humor.


Take advantage of the stage when the toddler observes and imitates the thing others do so if you can, let the toddler see how to go potty whether it is through peers and parents or a doll model. If you are acting as a lie model, be sure to explain what you are doing. If the toddler’s friend is in toilet training, have the child watch what his or her friend is doing. It is also important to feed the baby with foods that promote easy passage of waste. There are also many potty training books available that can be useful in your potty training journey.

Picking the potty

There are several options available when you are picking a place for your child to go. You can either get an adapter for your toilet, or buy the child their own potty-chair. Potty chairs are a popular option because they securely contain the toddler allowing them to keep their feet on the floor, are easily portable and can be placed in the car.

Whether you settle for a potty-chair or an adult toilet for toilet training, make sure the toddler’s feet aren’t dangling in the air. This tightens their rectal muscles, making it hard for them to go.

When picking the potty-chair, consider your baby’s opinion. The best option is to bring the toddler along with you. Aside from testing how comfortable the child is on the potty, make sure the catch bowl is easy to clean and lifts out easily. A major factor to consider is whether the potty-chair is safe. Look out for any sharp edges or loose parts that may harm the child. Other factors to consider include safety, stability, and the design that pleases the little one.


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