Toy Safety Tips

When buying a toy, there’s a lot more factors to consider aside from whether the child will love it or not. Toy safety is of utmost importance. The safety of the child when she is playing with toy cannot be taken lightly. Several factors determine whether a toy is safe for the child or not.

toy safety tips for kids

What to look out for

When you are selecting a toy for your child you must check it well for any sharp edges, small loose parts such as buttons wheels and eyes, which can cause the baby to choke. You should also stay away from small toys with parts that have a diameter of 1.75 inches or less for the same reason. Strings that exceed 7 inches in length, and parts that can pinch the little fingers should also be avoided.  Long strings can lead to strangulation if they become entangled around the baby’s neck.

If the toy is battery-operated, carefully check to make sure that it covered with screw-secured cases so that the baby doesn’t access the battery. Not only do batteries pose the risk of chocking, they can also lead to chemical burns and internal bleeding if swallowed. Any electric toys you purchase must also be UL-approved. Remember also that babies put things in their mouth all the time and the toys are no exception. Therefore, another important factor to consider is whether the toy has any toxic chemicals that can harm the child. This is especially true for soft plastic toys and stuffed animal coated with flame resistant chemicals. To avoid most of the dangers posed by these hazards, below are some tips to help you ensure that your child is safe.

  • Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recall page as well to ascertain that the product has not been recalled.
  • Select age-appropriate toys. Most manufacturers include a recommended age for their toys. Buy toys according to those recommendations to keep your child safe.
  • Riding toys must always be stable and should have safety straps to keep the baby from falling off. It is important that the manufacturer’s age recommendations are followed at all times even if the child is able to sit unsupported.
  • Avoid hand-me-down toys but if you must, study them carefully for any signs of damage. Homemade toys can also be dangerous to child because they have not been tested for safety.
  • Toys which shoot objects are best avoided since they can lead to choking or injure the baby’s eyes.
  • Keep older kids’ toys out of the baby’s reach.
  • Toy storage containers can cause suffocation when the child gets trapped inside. Avoid them or make sure that there is no chance of the child getting trapped.
  • Avoid toys with flammable materials.
  • Keep latex gloves and balloons away from the baby and older toddler children up to 8 years old because if they chew on them or blow them up, they can choke from inhaling them if they pop.
  • Vending machine toys might be too small and can cause choking while the stuffed animals bought at carnivores may not meet safety standards. Avoid them as much as possible.
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