Choosing Bedding For Your Baby

Newborn babies spend much of their time sleeping.  That is why it is very important to choose the right bedding to make sure they are comfortable as they are sleeping.  You need to consider your infant’s sleeping environment in addition to shopping for clothes.  The following are some of the most important things that you need to consider when shopping for bedding for your baby.

– After you have purchased the crib, look for a firm mattress that fits in the crib perfectly, so that there isn’t enough space for two fingers to fit in between the edges of the mattress and sides of the crib.

– It is not recommended that you use bumper pads.  There is no evidence that backs up the benefits that have been claimed.  In fact, they are associated with strangulation, entrapment and suffocation.  If you decide to use one, make sure it’s thin.  The puffy type of pumper pads that have strings that hang down low into your baby’s crib should not be used at any time since they are very hazardous.

Selecting-Baby’s Beddings

– Buy a waterproof and flannel-backed mattress pad.  Use a cotton bed sheet it over it with that fits around the mattress well.  The bed sheet should stay on while your baby is sleeping.  Stretch-fitted bed sheets are best, since they don’t come off easily.

– Choose a thin, cotton blanket.  In order to keep your infant warm in cold weather, purchase pajamas or an infant sack with feet and sleepers instead of fluffy, soft comforters and blankets.  If a thin, cotton blanket is used, you can layer your baby to suit the room temperature to ensure that your infant isn’t too cold or too hot.

– Don’t purchase baby cushion that have a soft fabric covering or that are loosely filled.  Cushions that are filled with foam beads or pellets are soft and easily can result in suffocation.  That is why their use has been banned in the U.S. by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

– Nightclothes and bedding should not have any strings, since they can cause strangulation.

– One type of bedding that is very popular is sleeping bags since a baby can kick it off easily like they can blankets.  Your choice in sleeping bags will depend on what season it is.  For the summer use a low tote bag and for the winter a higher tog.

Do not invest in quilts, pillows or duvets until your baby is more than one year old.  They are not recommended for babies that are younger than this.  A pillow is recommended after a child is at least two years old and doesn’t sleep in a crib anyone longer.

Other Factors To Take In Consideration:

– Is it easy to wash the bedding?  You want bed sheets or another type of bedding that is easy to throw into the washer and dryer.  That will save you a lot of energy and time to spend more time with your child and get more done.

– You will most likely need to wash your baby’s bedding frequently.  It helps to have several sets.  That way, while you are washing one, there will be another set for your baby to use.

– Your baby’s skin can easily be irritated by artificial fibers.  So choose 100% option, or another kind of natural material fabric such as wool, linen or cotton, which are a lot more comfortable for infants.

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