School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale

The Environmental Rating Scales (ERS) consist of a series of four scales that share
the same format and scoring system. Each of the scales assess a different age
group and/or type of early education and care setting. The ERS is a valid and
reliable tool for program evaluation. Programs can use the appropriate scale for
self-assessment and to determine areas for improvement.
In this session, participants will learn about the content and use of the School-Age
Care Environment Rating Scale, practice scoring, review results, and describe
strategies for program improvement.
The Arnett Caregiver Interaction Scale is designed to measure the emotional tone,
disciplinary style, and the responsiveness of the educator. During this training,
participants will review the organization and content of the Interaction Scale,
practice using the tool as a self-assessment measure, and utilize the results to
identify areas for improvement.
Both of these rating scales are designed to assess quality in early childhood or outof
school time care. Use of these tools in this manner serves to help educators plan
programs that improve the environment and increase positive interactions with
The School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale (SACERS) training is for out of
school time educators working in a center-based program or public school
afterschool program. For more information go to : and our preschool program click here.
Thursday October 16, 2014 and Thursday
October 23, 2014
From 6:30PM-9:00PM

FREE for eligible participants
Community Care for Kids
1509 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02169
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